It wasn’t until recently that I told him this and he said “baby, quite the contrary I was thinking how amazing the colour of your hair was”. It sounds like you’ve really been through the ringer with your hair, Susan. I wish I would have been more willing to do that myself. Thanks for sharing your compassion and words of wisdom with Marilyn, Naomi. I am very glad I found your website as you and I have similar coloring and hair. I’m glad you found my site, too, Lauren, and I’m happy that you found what I had to say valuable. I was completely mortified, and I had no idea what to do. Solve one problem (getting rid of most of the colour) and end up with another one! I know there are many women who are considering growing out their natural hair, so I’m going to share all that I’ve done wrong in order to potentially save them from making similar mistakes. He often outlines his complete process with before and after photos, which can help guide stylists to help their clients using those same or similar steps. I think that going “old school” is the best approach and the scarves and hats will definitely help. Grombre means Grey Ombre and it took me 2 years of this until the glittery bits transitioned into sensational silver. I am in the second month of transitioning my high lighed, low lighted, blond base colored hair to gray. Yes, it’s so tiring to dye our hair every 3 or 4 weeks, only to have to start covering up roots a week after our color appointments. The saying about time healing all wounds held true here, as my hair grew and I got all of the brassiness cut off. I can really identify with the sick to your stomach feeling you describe, as well as the crying. That may not have actually been true, but that was my thought process at the time. Moisture definitely helps with all types of hair. Three stages of letting your hair go WHITE/Grey (Gray) A – you are extreme and very brave B- you don’t care if your hair is long or short C- you want it safe and almost instant Dec 29, 2016 Shutterstock. You may wonder why I didn’t just cut my hair short to get rid of the orange. I had it re-colored and switched stylists. This topic in particular is of interest to me because i have been transitioning my hair naturally (I’m 57). I will be patient and not look in the mirror to often. It’s not an easy process, but it is surely worth it! Good luck with your process of going gray! I’m turning 60 in July and I’m afraid this is all part of a grand transformation for my life. Yes, my transition was difficult, but I’m still glad I did it. I’m still deciding if I want to go grey, my current 1 inch outgrowth is mostly white and I’m going to let it keep growing until my company’s work from home order is lifted. In February 2017, I was referred to a color correction specialist for a consultation about fixing my hair. It was horrific. My hair is chin length and the color is medium chestnut – according to the box. I’ve heard it said that it’s an accessory that we wear every day, so if we’re not happy with our hair, that can affect how we feel in all of our outfits. It is easier with everyone in lock down here in Long Island NY. I sprayed a light coat all over my hair to see what I might look like after going gray. For the last 10 years I’ve been wanting to go gray. I think a lot of women are using the recent lockdowns to start their gray hair transition. Finally in May 2018 it had reached a length where I could cut off most of the brassy blonde. I’m 56, my hair is starting to thin, I’m not digging it. Since you’re at the 10 month mark, things should be getting a bit smoother for you and you should have a much better sense of what the finished product will look like. Thanks to all who have commented and been so helpful. I have been noticing more brassiness in between color treatments recently – I go every 6 weeks. It’s been well over a year since I last gave an update on my gray hair transition process. Ironically, I’ve grown out my hair to past my shoulders (the first time since jr high!! A vast majority of men across the globe value hair growth for various reasons. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I think I will just use your blog as my inspiration to hold the course. Highlights lowlights silver or just play it safe? I am tempted to use some “Fanci-Ful temporary color but don’t know if I really want to tempt fate and have to start all over. Happy to help and I wish you the best on this path! Maybe you’ll find that some of your friends are taking the same course when the quarantine is over . I think you’ll find that your hair is a lot healthier – and possibly thicker, too – after all of the dye is gone. My hair started going gray in my 30s, and I left it that way well into my early fifties, but then caved in to dying it, to what was my natural color in youth. I haven’t colored it for 5 years so the look is very natural. How To Grow Out Long Hair Past The Awkward Stage For Men. My gray hair transition process was set back by many months and there was nothing I could do about it except cry, which I did many times. At 41, one writer weighs of the pros and cons of putting down the This makes me happy because I can still go through with my grow out go gray plan and do so with the knowledge that my having playful hair will continue.they even have a silver which I may try to help hide the line of demarcation while enhancing the gray (I think) without actually coloring anything and not having the drying everyone seems to mention of the blue shampoo.. Well, I’ve been actually wanting it to go grey and tonight I’m officially seeing grey in my temples and a few strands! Thanks for your inspiration. I’m sure the low lights you got helped with the initial part of your transition. Naomi, you have a wonderful attitude and perspective on going gray. Are you familiar with Erica Johnston on YouTube ( There is no one right way to “go gray,” but I think I’ve taken just about every wrong step a person can take along this path. It does truly help to see what others have gone through and to assist in making some decisions about your own hair. I know a lot of people love Overtone. I investigated this product further and asked my hairstylist if she thought it might be a good option for me. Yes, it can be a very long process, but it’s worth it! I’m so glad you found this post helpful, Gigi. Naomi, Of course it’s okay to suggest other sites! How to transition colored hair from dyed to grey, including with highlights, lowlights, salon, and at-home options for beautiful results before, during, and after going gray. I liked the way my hair looked after this process and my plan at the time was to continue doing it until my hair grew out enough to cut off the brassy highlights. You’re well on your way, Deborah. Keeping your hair well groomed and trimmed and split ends-free will make your hair thicker and stronger. Probably you are hearing some of these terms at the moment, as all around the world women are giving up dying their hair and embracing their natural silver strands #silversisters #grombre. Create a website or blog at I’m sure he charges A LOT of money, but I paid a lot of money for the mess that I ended up with (sadly)! I am off to the hairdresser this week to break the news to her that I am letting my greys grow. If none of them are comfortable with bleaching the highlights enough to take them to white, and if I still think I want to go grey, then I’ll just let it all grow out and deal with the demarcation line and hide the outgrowth with hats and scarves. Armed with a pack of wetwipes, a sense of humour and wifi. You can avoid the awkward stages of the gray grow out. This is new for hair pros too, so remember that. I should be done or almost done with the transition process by this time (hair grows an average of half an inch per month), but I’m not. This is not a gray hair transition blog, Patricia. The other insecurity I have experienced has been when going out to job interviews, and my fears that potential employers would just be thinking to themselves that I was too old, the grey hair would be a dead giveaway. I discovered a conditioner that deposits a temporary color , makes your hair healthier with each use and they have soft pastels for if my new hair once grown out is really light I can try on a seasonal shade that is soft and unless I keep using it will go away without harming or causing a whole begin again situation. I wish you strength and fortitude for the journey. I’m glad you’ve found my blog helpful, Connie. This is an individual choice that each of us has to make for ourselves. I’ll bet a lot of women are either starting their process now, Sara, or are considering it, especially since the shutdowns have given them a head-start. She actually just did a video today on looking youthful with grey hair. The condition is the best it has been in years. Best wishes! What I realized is that this could be a good tool for easing the transition. Never getting over it, somehow getting on with it. I usually mix up a teaspoon of color and accelerator from a Natural Instincts box 6g and paint just my front part where most of the grey is because I start to look tired when it comes in. Mine weren’t intentional, but I take responsibility because I sat in the chair and paid the stylists money to do what they did. I'm going to the hair salon for the first time in a YEAR!! Nov 9, 2020 - Explore Meredith Frey's board "Hair styles for growing out grey hair" on Pinterest. But I ultimately didn’t want to go back to coloring, so I had to cut my losses, dry my tears, and carry on. But I really wanted to be done coloring, and to go gray. By April 2017, I couldn’t stand my “orange hair” any longer, so I visited a stylist who uses organic color to see if there was anything she could do for me. But I know the process is still challenging for you. Probably you are hearing some of these terms at the moment, as all around the world women are giving up dying their hair and embracing their natural silver strands #silversisters #grombre. Good to you for taking the plunge and just growing your hair out cold turkey. I told her about the problems I was experiencing with my brassy highlights and she offered to help me. I wanted you to know that I made the same mistakes, and am getting ready to pay the price for them yet again, with an epic skunk stripe. I hope the Overtone is helpful for you. it’s been about 2 years and I am done with the hassle and fake look of dye. Of course, my hair should look a lot different than it did eight months ago, so I have to make up for quite a bit of time. Grey Hair Don't Care Long Gray Hair Silver Grey Hair Gray Hair Growing Out Grow Hair Charcoal Hair Grey Hair Inspiration Amazing Grays Transition To Gray Hair Going grey with (grohm)(bray) on Instagram: “I love the way this wonderful girl talks about her hair, "it's natural and wickedly cool looking. Best wishes to you and may you have strength to see the transition through. Last month, I went to a kiosk at the mall to try to buy extensions that match my hair to help ease the process. But before I get into this, here are some photos of how my hair looked in July/August 2017, when I was still getting toner every three weeks. Stage 3: September 2017 – May 2018 My hair grew quite long and I experimented with some temporary colours and plaited my hair alot to give it more volume. I think it’s wonderful that more and more younger women are transitioning to their natural silver hair. It’s different for me, but it still gave him some pause. (Henna is great for your hair but does not play well with others! During the first stage of growing your beard you’ll start looking fairly stubbly pretty quickly, but you simply need to let it grow out. If I were to offer any advice, I would recommend the following: Many women try more than once to grow out their natural hair and that’s okay. Debbie, Thank you for sharing your journey with us. So, you have short hair and decided it is time to grow it back again. I don’t even know what color to call it its so incredibly ugly. Anyway, thanks so much for the great post, and the valuable info. I am upset beyond belief. I shared the passage below in my last update and while I believed these sentiments back then, I’m even more convinced of their veracity now. Happy early birthday to you! I was searching how to go gray gracefully and came upon Katie goes platinum, which led me here…. So, why National Spinach day you might ask and what happened to National Broccoli or National Cauliflower day? You are a beautiful woman and I hope you’re getting more comfortable with your hair now. I’m glad my post helped you to decide against highlights, Mary Louise. I am sixty years old and decided to let my grey grow out in honor of my sixtyith. I decided to become a Virtual Assistant, that way I wouldn’t have to face those situations and I now I am really enjoying being my own boss. Silver Grey Hair White Hair Grey Hair Inspiration Grey Hair Don't Care Gray Hair Growing Out Transition To Gray Hair Salt And Pepper Hair Pretty Hair Color Going Gray. Live and learn… Hopefully in time, no one will have to go through what I did as stylists learn more about both techniques and potential pitfalls. I have brown, auburn, and grey, not much, but a light glow around my face. If you've been wanting to gracefully grow your hair gray but aren't sure where to start, you're in luck. We think they will know what to do and I don’t think they acted maliciously or wanted to leave us with a brassy mess, but it’s wrong for them to do a process that wasn’t requested, as it sounds like happened to you. I switched to “dark beige blonde” about 5 years ago. When my gray hair transition posts were on Recovering Shopaholic, they were among my most viewed articles. That was the push I needed so no more chemicals on my head!!! Jun 26, 2019 - Explore m dann's board "Brown hair going grey" on Pinterest. I hear you on needing a haircut, but at least we’re not alone in that regard… I wish you all the best with your transition. Since Julie, a.k.a. I had been considering getting highlights, but am now thinking twice about it. I started growing out my gray hair one year ago. It is possible and it is worth it. I just bought some products from them, they haven’t arrived yet. I went to a stylist 3 weeks ago. See more ideas about Grey hair, Hair, Beautiful gray hair. Silver Grey Hair. I always assumed I would start weaving grey/silver into my hair until it all grew out.. but are you saying even with blonds it doesn’t work that way?? I hope that after you get your haircut and low lights (be careful not to do too many of those, as they can turn brassy for some people), you will feel better about your hair. I hated the color of my hair, too, after my highlights went brassy, but like you I didn’t want to cut my hair short. So glad I did. In almost all instances, I feel that the “after” look is more attractive and often more youthful as well. Here I am in August 2017 – you can see the outgrowth more clearly in the side view. I am now going to just deal with my ever-growing white stripe and get trims as needed. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the condition of your hair will improve without the frequent dye. Thanks for your kind words about my hair. There is peace on the other side of a gray hair transition. I’m 52 and with an olive complexion.Have 4 grown adults kids and 3 grand kids. Congratulations on your decision to put your health first, Joann! Aug 7, 2020 - This year I turned 40 and decided to start this epic journey to embrace my silvers! In truth, I have been dreading writing this post. Those of us who are struggling with this process need to stick together and you gave her some excellent advice. Without the color (bleach blond) my hair is thicker and healthier than its been in years! If you’re referring to the photo at the end of this post, that was a Photoshop that my stepson did to help me see how my hair might look in the end. I know it’s hard to accept such a rough setback. Often, our impulses pass and getting back in touch with our reasons for transitioning (be it money, time, health, authenticity, or whatever) can help with that. I guess you could say that I like to take risks with my hair. I turned 60 last month and I always thought my age would determine when to gray. The reason I’m not done transitioning stems from my not being in the right headspace to take on this journey in the first place. Like you, I started to view going to the hairdressers as a chore once I had to do it on a monthly basis (it got old – and expensive!). Thanks for sharing your insights here. Only time will tell. In retrospect, that would have been a better way to go, but instead I opted to get a second full head of highlights in December 2016. I hope you love the end result and learn a lot about yourself along the way. You may feel to just get it cover with some dye but if you are reading this then you are thinking to let it out. update on my gray hair transition process, here’s how to tell if your hair is porous,,,,, On Forgiveness: The Three Types and When They Apply, 2020 Wardrobe Goals – End of the Year Update, Selling Clothing Items Online – December Update, 20 for 2020 “Life Goals” – November Update, Online Clothing Sales Update – What I’ve Sold and What I’ve Learned, Reflections on the “Infinite Present,” Confidence, and Personal Style, Following Up on My Holding Zone – and More Closet Purges. Suzanne, I appreciate your letting me know that this post benefitted you, and I thank you for your kind words. I think you look lovely! Due to the lockdown and my hairdressers is currently closed I now have nearly 3 months natural grey so thinking lets just go for it! But the greys also can look like highlights after I do the Natural Instincts. There ARE talented stylists who can help women transition using color (check out Jack Martin on Instagram – he did Jane Fonda’s hair for the Oscars and has a lot of other examples in his feed), but even then, the maintenance can be challenging and expensive (not to mention the expense of the initial process, which can take 7-10 hours or more!). I said NO nothing on the grey in front because i love it as is…but somehow she did it anyway. I know that many women don’t have the types of issues I experienced when they used color to help them transition, but it’s important to know what CAN happen. Good luck. My transition was not without its challenges. See more ideas about hair, gray hair growing out, hair styles. My obsession with every subtle nuance of my transition definitely didn’t serve me. I didn’t know what to do at that point. It’s not curly enough to look good worn “natural” and I have a lot of frizz, so it works best to wash it infrequently and flat-iron it straight. If you’re blonde with not a lot of gray, it will be easier and there won’t be much of a line of demarcation. ), but it’s definitely worth it for the freedom, the healthier hair, and the time and money saved! Dyed hair CAN look harsh and unnatural, although that’s certainly not always the case.